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Book Reviews

The New World Written, María Baranda, see link



Damascus, Atlantis, Marie Silkeberg, see link



The Pact, Jennifer Militello, see link



The Translator of Desires, Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi, see link



The Hölderliniae, Nathaniel Tarn, see link



The Wild Fox of Yemen, Threa Almontaser, see link


The Beginning of Water, Tran Khahn, see link



Testimony: Found Poems From the Special Court for Siera leone, Shanee

Stepakoff, see link


Kalevala: The Epic of The Finish People, Elias Lönnrot, see link



Ever Since I Did Not Die, Ramy Al-Asheq, see link


Worldy Things, Michael Kleber Diggs, see link




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