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Interviews & Profiles of My Work

I will list here interviews in roughly chronological order, meaning the most recent ones will be on top.

Above image:  “الباحثة الأمريكية ريبيكا روث غولد: المفردات العربية أغنى من الفارسية في الشعر الكلاسيكي,Al-Quds al-Arabi (15 November). Interview with Syrian writer and translator Saleh Razzouk about my work.

‘Literature has Never Been Purely National’: An Interview with Rebecca Ruth Gould,”  The Nasiona Magazine  (English version of Chinese-language interview, “文学从不只是国族的”:丽贝卡·古尔德教授访谈 (forthcoming in the China Book Review).

2018 “Professor Rebecca Ruth Gould tells the Star about her academic research on the IHRA definition of anti-semitism,” Morning Star (interview with Ian Sinclair).

Interview with Abdalrahman Abou Almajd on Islamic literary traditions in the literatures of the Caucasus (11 July 2017)

Profile on INTLAWGRRLS: voices on international law, policy, practice, a leading blog on women and gender issues in international law. My contributions to the blog.

Interview with Nicole Melanson: Meet Rebecca Gould (12 July 2016)

Makhach Musaev: РЕБЕККА ГУЛЬД ОБ ИМАМЕ ШАМИЛЕ [Rebecca Gould on Imam Shamil],” Dagestan no. 10: 22-29 (in Russian). (10 October 2014). Concerning my work on the legacy of the anti-colonial fighter and statesman, Imam Shamil of Daghestan.

Interview with Karin Fischer on my work designing a world literature curriculum in Singapore for Yale-NUS:  “A Chance to Upend the Canon,” The Chronicle of Higher Education (2012)



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