Rebecca R. Gould



Democracy and the Vernacular Imagination in Vico’s Plebian Philology,” History of Humanities 3.2. Full text.

2015 “Philology’s Contingent Genealogies,” Philology: An International Journal on the Evolution of Languages, Cultures and Texts, invited contributor to the inaugural issue (2015): 53-66. Full text.


2014 “Antiquarianism as Genealogy: Arnaldo Momigliano’s Method,” History & Theory 53(2): 212-233. Full text.


2013 “The Death of Caucasus Philology: Towards a Discipline Beyond Areal Divides,” Iran and the Caucasus 17(3): 275-293. Full text.


2012 “Philology, Education, Democracy,” Journal of Aesthetic Education 46(4): 57-69. Full text.

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