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The Materiality of Resistance,” Islamic World of Art 2017 [3.1]: 16-33. (This is an abbreviated version of “The Materiality of Resistance: Israel’s Apartheid Wall in an Age of Globalization,” Social Text (2014).

Social Text cover, featuring my article, “The Materiality of Resistance” (2014):

2013 “To Boycott or not? Ethical Reflections on a Moral Conundrum,” Peace Review: A Journal of Social Justice 25(3): 584-489. Full text.

2014 “Sumud: The Palestinian Art of Existence,” World Policy Journal 31(3): 99-106.

2011 “Beyond Anti-Semitism,” Counterpunch 18 (19): 1-3 (lead article, on the Israel/Palestine conflict).

2004 “Rachel Corrie: A Witness for Our Times,” in To Kill, To Die: Women and Organized Violence: Feminist Perspectives on War and Resistance. Hilla Dayan and Laura Gonzalez, eds. (New York: The New School), 34-35.

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