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Persian Literature

Persian Literature/ ادبیات فارسی

Also look for my next book: The Persian Prison Poem: Sovereignty and the Political Imagination (Edinburgh University Press). Edinburgh Historical Studies of Iran and the Persian World book series. Indian edition under contract with Primus Books.

2021 (co-authored with Kayvan Tahmasebian) “Translation as Alienation: Sufi Hermeneutics and Literary Modernism in Bijan Elahi’s Translations,” Modernism/Modernity Print Plus+. Open Access.

2021 (co-authored with Kayvan Tahmasebian), “The Temporality of Desire in Ḥasan Dihlavī’s ʿIshqnāma,” Journal of Medieval Worlds 2 (3-4): 72-95.

2021 (co-authored with Kayvan Tahmasebian), “The Translatability of Love: The Romance Genre and the Prismatic Reception of Jane Eyre in Twentieth-Century Iran,” Close Reading a Global Novel: Prismatic Jane Eyre, ed. Matthew Reynolds (Cambridge: Open Books).

2021 “Watching Chekhov in Tehran: From Superfluous Men to Female Revolutionaries,” Comparative Drama (forthcoming).

2021 (co-authored with Kayvan Tahmasebian), “The Temporality of Interlinear Translation: Kairos in the Persian Hölderlin,” Representations (scheduled for summer 2021). A preview (shown below) is available here.

2021 (co-authored with Kayvan Tahmasebian), “Ajnabi, or The Xenological Uncanny in Iranian Modernism,” New Literary History 52.1 (scheduled for April 2021).

2021 (co-authored with Kayvan Tahmasebian), “The Translational Horizons of Iranian Modernism: Ahmad Shamlu’s Global Southern Literary Canon,” Twentieth Century Literature (forthcoming).

2020 Russifying the Radif: Lyric Translatability and the Russo-Persian Ghazal,” Comparative Critical Studies 17(2): 263-284.

2018     “Hard Translation: Persian Poetry and Post-National Literary Form,” Forum for Modern Language Studies 54(2): 191-206.

2019  “The Persianate Cosmology of Historical Inquiry in the Caucasus: ʿAbbās Qulī Āghā Bākīkhānūf’s Cosmological Cosmopolitanism,” Comparative Literature 71(3): 272-297.

2019    “Dissidence from a Distance: Iranian Politics, as Viewed from Colonial Daghestan,” The Persianate World: The Frontiers of a Eurasian Lingua Franca, ed. Nile Green (Berkeley: University of California Press), 259-277. Open Access.

2018 “From Pious Journeys to the Critique of Sovereignty: Khaqani Shirvani’s Persianate Poetics of Pilgrimage,Re-mapping Travel Narratives in the Early Modern World: to the East and Back Again, ed. Montserrat Piera (Amsterdam University Press ), 25-47.

2018   “Sweetening the Heavy Georgian Tongue: Jāmī in the Georgian-Persianate World,” Jāmī in Regional  Contexts, eds. Thibaut d’Hubert and Alexandre Papas (Leiden: Brill), 798-829.

2017Literature as a Tribunal: The Modern Iranian Prose of Incarceration,”Prose Studies: History, Theory, Criticism 39(1): 19-38. On publisher’s page.

Qasr Prison (before the 1979 revolution)

2016     “The Persian Translation of Arabic Aesthetics: Rādūyānī’s Rhetorical Renaissance,” Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric 33(4): 339-371.

2016  “The Critique of Religion as Political Critique: Mīrzā Fatḥ ʿAlī Ākhūndzāda’s Pre-Islamic Xenology,” Intellectual History Review 26(2): 171-184.

2015 “The Geographies of ʿAjam: The Circulation of Persian Poetry from South Asia to the Caucasus,” The Medieval History Journal 18(1): 87-119. On publisher’s page.

2016 “Wearing the Belt of Oppression: Khāqānī’s Christian Qaṣīda and the Prison Poetry of Medieval Shirvān,” Journal of Persianate Studies 9(1): 19-44. On publisher’s page.

2012 “Prisons Before Modernity: Incarceration in the Medieval Indo-Mediterranean,” Al-Masāq: Islam and the Medieval Mediterranean 24(2): 179-197. Full text.

“The Kingdom of Persia.” Map by John Speed in his atlas, The Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World 1627.

Persian Literature/ ادبیات فارسی

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