Above: Khwaju Bridge, Isfahan


2018 “Mrs. Ramsey,” Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices (New York; V. Woolf’s To the Lighthouse).

2017 “Queen of the Glass Menagerie,” The Feminine Collective (Laura in T. Williams’ The Glass Menagerie).
*Reprinted in The Voices Project (23 May 2017)


2014 “For Walter Benjamin, Addressing Hamlet’s Skull,” Descant Magazine (166): 219.

2014 “Walt Whitman’s Longing,” The Feminist Wire.


2012 “James Ramsey,” Redactions: Poetry, Poetics & Prose 15 (1): 20 (V. Woolf’s To the Lighthouse).


                          POEMS OF PLACES & OBJECTS

2018 “Yerevan in Winter,” Soliloquies Anthology 22(2): 42. Reprint in Isacoustic.


2018 “A Pagan in Islamic Egypt,” Helen Literary Magazine 9 (Fall).


2018 “Portland, City of Peace,” The Healing Muse (Center for Bioethics & Humanities, SUNY)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

2018 “Grocery Shopping,” The Coil (Alternating Current Press).
* Finalist, 2017 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry

2017 “An Old Tree on the Road to London,” South Bank Poetry 26 (Spring 2017): 10.

2017 “Intimating Immortality at Şəhidlər Xiyabanı, Baku,” South Bank Poetry 26 (Spring 2017): 30.

2017 “Arches of Isfahan,” South Bank Poetry 26 (Spring 2017): 32.


2017 “Damascus in the Month of Ramadan,” Minor literature[s].

2016 “Poems of Place,” (poem series) Empty Mirror.

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