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Above: Khwaju Bridge, Isfahan

My poetry collection Cityscapes (2019), is available for purchase here in the US and the UK. Third Wednesday has also posted about the book.

Publisher’s overview: “Traversing the urban geographies of the Middle East, South Asia, and Europe, Cityscapes offers searing and intimate portraits of Damascus, Yerevan, Hyderabad, Delhi, Isfahan, and many other cities through the lens of war, peace, love, and despair. The collection opens with poems about the cosmos, before moving to earthly topographies, and concludes in a series of still lives chronicling urban spaces. Gould combines the insight of a long-time resident of the geographies she describes with a poetic gift for generalizing her personal experience.”

SPECIAL FEATURES: Includes original photography of Palestine (Gaza and the West Bank), India, and Armenia by Kate Gould.

READ MORE: Poems in this collection have previously appeared in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, South Bank Poetry, Chiron Review, Dream Noir, TIMBER, The Healing Muse, Ink, Sweat & Tears, and Otoliths.


My poems have been featured on Poethead (a website showcasing the work of woman poets). My profile on Poets & Writers is here.

2019 “Bird on a Branch,Ink, Sweat, & Tears 

Some older poems are listed below, with recordings where available.


2018 “Mrs. Ramsey,” Waves: A Confluence of Women’s Voices (New York; V. Woolf’s To the Lighthouse).

2014 “For Walter Benjamin, Addressing Hamlet’s Skull,” Descant Magazine (166): 219.

2014 “Walt Whitman’s Longing,” The Feminist Wire.


2012 “James Ramsey,” Redactions: Poetry, Poetics & Prose 15 (1): 20 (V. Woolf’s To the Lighthouse).


                          POEMS OF PLACES & OBJECTS

2018 “Yerevan in Winter,” Soliloquies Anthology 22(2): 42. Reprint in Isacoustic.


2018 “A Pagan in Islamic Egypt,” Helen Literary Magazine 9 (Fall).


2018 “Portland, City of Peace,” The Healing Muse (Center for Bioethics & Humanities, SUNY)

Download (PDF, Unknown)

2018 “Grocery Shopping,” The Coil (Alternating Current Press).
* Finalist, 2017 Luminaire Award for Best Poetry

2017 “An Old Tree on the Road to London,” South Bank Poetry 26 (Spring 2017): 10.

2017 “Intimating Immortality at Şəhidlər Xiyabanı, Baku,” South Bank Poetry 26 (Spring 2017): 30.

2017 “Arches of Isfahan,” South Bank Poetry 26 (Spring 2017): 32.


2017 “Damascus in the Month of Ramadan,” Minor literature[s].

2016 “Poems of Place,” (poem series) Empty Mirror.

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