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I am a left-leaning intellectual who cares about free speech, peace, global equality, gender, social, and racial justice, and a range of issues related to Muslims.

My politically oriented articles for the general public are listed below in chronological order. The list is also divided according to topics on the drop-down menus above and below.

Migrants                          Prisons  

Racism                              Antiwar                          Palestine

Free Speech                     Non-Monogamy           Open Access

2018 “Written submission to the Joint Committee on Human Rights’ Inquiry into Freedom of Speech in Universities,” Human Rights Joint Committee, UK Parliament.

2017 “The Many Languages of Islam in the Caucasus,” EurasiaNet. * Reprinted in LobeLog (12 November 2017).

2017 “Why internationalisation matters in universities,” The Conversation.

The Materiality of Resistance,” Islamic World of Art 2017 [3.1]: 16-33. (This is an abbreviated version of “The Materiality of Resistance: Israel’s Apartheid Wall in an Age of Globalization,” Social Text (2014).

2017 “A Double Standard for White Terrorists,” The Progressive.

2016 “Regime Change Abroad, Fascism at Home: How US Interventions Paved the Way for Trump,” Counterpunch.

2016 “Telling Places with Georgian IDPs,” IntLawGrrls: voices on international law, policy, practice.

2016 “Love without monogamy,” Open Democracy (abbreviated version posted in the Good Men Project).

2015 “The Islamic State’s Perversion of Hijra,” Project Syndicate. * Translated into:

* Also translated into Amharic, German, Polish, and Serbian.

* Syndicated in The Globe & Mail;; The Bangkok Post; Japan Times; Zaman France; L’Orient-Le Jour; La revista de prensa ‘Tribuna Libre’; Reporters: Quotidien national d’information; Media24: Portail d’information économique et politique du Maroc; The Jakarta Post; The Reporter (Ethiopia).

2015 “What the Tsarnaevs didn’t Know: The Untold Story of Chechen Non-Violence,” Informed Comment.

2014 “Sumud: The Palestinian Art of Existence,” World Policy Journal 31(3): 99-106.  Related Blog Post: Sumud: Behind the Barrier, featuring my work on Israel/Palestine Wall at World Policy Journal blog.

2014 “Aaron Swartz’s Legacy,” Academe: Magazine of the American Association of University Professors 95(1): 19-23 (with related post, “Mehanna and the Freedom to Dissent,” at Academe blog).

2014 “A Homeless People,” (on the Circassian genocide) Transitions Online.

2013 “Obama Moves to ‘Unblock’ Medicine to Iran” (co-authored with Kate Gould), Common Dreams 17 June 2013 (reprinted in Truthout, 18 June 2013).

2012 “A Singapore Ramayana: Academic Freedom and the Liberal Arts Curriculum,” Open Democracy; revised reprint in The Collegium: The Inaugural Faculty Newsletter of Yale-NUS College (2013), 25-27.

2011 “Canons, Curricula, Numbers,” Inside Higher Ed (on the corporatization of public education).

2011 “Beyond Anti-Semitism,” Counterpunch 18 (19): 1-3 (lead article, on the Israel/Palestine conflict).

2010 Felon Voting Rights and Democracy,” Open Democracy.

2007 “The Engaged Outsider: Politkovskaya and the Politics of Representing War,” Spaces of Identity 7(2): 7-30.

2006 “On Resistance,” (current scholarship on Chechnya) Transitions Online.

2005 “Behind the Wall of the Caucasus: Crossing into Chechnya,” The Gettysburg Review 18(2): 291-307.

2005 “Chechens through the Russian Prism” (on Russian ethnographies of the Chechen wars), Transitions Online (reprinted in The Chechen Times, 18 February 2005).

2004 “Rachel Corrie: A Witness for Our Times,” (essay commemorating the death of the American activist in Palestine) in To Kill, To Die: Women and Organized Violence: Feminist Perspectives on War and Resistance. Hilla Dayan and Laura Gonzalez, eds. (New York: The New School), 34-35.

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